Terrorism: Then and Now

Terrorism was not born yesterday in Boston, nor was it born at Newtown, Aurora, or Oklahoma City.  It wasn’t even born on September 11th, 2001.  Terrorism has been around and utilized by many different peoples around the world over the centuries.  An early example of terrorism in the United States occurred right in the Chesapeake Bay when, in April of 1813, British soldiers, sailors, and Marines sought out and put to the torch wharfs, warehouses, and whole towns up and down the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  They succeeded in Frenchtown and partially so in Havre de Grace, but not in Elkton.  With the help of a 20 year old slave woman, a group of rag tag citizen soldier Cecil Militiamen successfully fended off an attack by a superior force and saved Elkton.

On Friday and Saturday, April 26th and 27th you can hear firsthand accounts of how that attack was perpetrated and turned away from 3 individuals who were there.  See our web site at www.elklanding.org for details.

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